This is how it all started

Industrial Park of Outokumpu was founded in 1979 to enrichen and broaden the economy of greater Outokumpu area. It was already apparent that the mining company Outokumpu’s copper ore mine was to be closed somewhere between the years 1980-1990 and it would have significant impact in regional and local economies. The Industrial Park of Outokumpu had a very influential role in broadening the base of our local and regional economy between the years 1979-1999 and even untill the 21th century. As the mining company acted globally (and still does) until it’s mine in the City of Outokumpu was closed so do many of our companies that continue our industrial saga nowadays.

The case of Outokumpu Industrial Park was promoted in national policies among others by nationally significant names such as Pertti Voutilainen, Raimo Sailas and many entrepreneurs & politicians from Outokumpu and North Karelia region. Persistent work for the cause was awarded and the development of Industrial Park started. Very soon the first industrial complex was built into a place where Turula Pine forests ruled the scenery and after many enlargement projects in this very same complex still operates Turula engineering, now globally known as Turula Engineering Ltd’s Outokumpu workshop.

Outokumpu Industrial Park is a part of Outokumpu City Group with a minor ownership from the municipality of Polvijärvi. Today our client base is ever-increasing in the number of service business companies and educational entrepreneurs in addition to our historically strong industrial base.