We are here to provide suitable premises – so you can focus in business.

Outokumpu Industrial Park Ltd. has been an active partner in Synertec network, which was originally established to provide a co-operation forum for companies acting in the same branches of metal industry here in Outokumpu Industrial Park. Nowadays the focus in the Synertec network has shifted more towards image work, marketing and educational collaboration.

Our focus is still the same as in the beginning (in 1979) – we wan’t you to start your business here. Construction of premises, property management as well as the distribution of district heating has formed a core part of our business model. Our district heating is also very green as 99 % of it is produced with renewable energy sources. In cooperation with Business Joensuu Ltd. we can provide basic business consultancy, development and training services. These services benefit widely all the companies in our area of which many are in different phases of their business. Some are startups and some act globally.

Our clients include over 50 companies and over 800 workers in various branches of the economy: metal, plastic, engineering, food product, logistics, construction and many other industries. There is also a Mineral Processing Laboratory, located in Outokumpu, which is specialized in the study of ore processing and the development of enrichment technologies in cooperation with the mining industry, equipment suppliers and research institutes.

This is why you should at least contact us and investigate this possibility a bit further – you might even  get more familiar with the idea that your business should be located here in Outokumpu!