We warmly welcome your business to succeed in Outokumpu

Outokumpu Industrial Park Ltd has been operating for over 40 years as an organizer of business in Outokumpu, we have built almost 70 000 m² of office and industrial space and we have solid relationships with business community developers and financiers.

Outokumpu – North Karelia province’s entrepreneurial municipality 2009, 2013 & 2021 – is a city of some 6600 inhabitants. At the moment we have nearly 1,000 industrial jobs in Outokumpu, which makes us one of the most industrialised cities in Finland. Outokumpu business area has many AAA credit rating companies and plenty of mutual sparring.

We guarantee high quality of personalized services in English and Finnish for every company looking for premises or business opportunities in our area – we also provide plenty of help in building your business case here in Outokumpu.

We can also guarantee competitive prices and a good location in Eastern Finland near the cities of Joensuu (45 km) and Kuopio (92 km). Niirala border crossing point to Russia (120 km) is within reasonable distance. There are two frequently operated airports nearby in Kuopio (50 min by car) and Joensuu (30 min by car).

Get the most of it – ask what benefits you will get to make your business in Outokumpu!


Outokumpu has been a home for global industry since the beginning of 20th century


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