Synertec network has been effective

Synertec network was established in 1985 after a survey made on different development issues the industrial companies in greater Outokumpu area had at the time being. Now the network consists of over ten companies operating in plastic and metal-industries.

The development of these companies has been rapid. In 1990 the turnover of Synertec companies was 18 million € and 281 employees. in 2004 the same key figures were 69 million € and 537 employees. At the moment the annual turnover of Synertec companies is over 85 million € and over 500 employees.

According to recent enquiries the companies recognize the impact of Synertec network with over 30 years of cooperation. Networking of this kind brings added value into companies value chains, because through one company you can contact many others in the same network.

Know-how of all the companies in the network is bringing added value into the operating environment of Outokumpu Industrial Park. Educations, exhibitions, marketing and different projects are done in cooperation, which brings cost effectiveness to everyone involved.